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Our Programs

Virtual Speed Mentoring

Our speed-mentoring event, based on the model of speed-dating brings WOMEN CXOs of Impact Organisations as mentors in virtual rooms, with each room (think ‘table’ in a roundtable setting) corresponding to a professional development topic.


When the session begins, mentees enter a room they choose according to their interest in the topics. Mentors remain in their rooms and discuss the single topic they have chosen with successive groups of mentees over the course of the event.


  • Lower burden on you as a participant, since commitment is time-limited.

  • Friendlier for mentees and less intimidating than a one-on-one meeting with a professor or senior faculty member.

  • Creates new networking opportunities for both mentors and mentees.

  • Oh, and did we mention… it’s fun?

Mentoring Events are scheduled on the last Sunday of Every Month from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Peer Mentoring Circles for Women CXOs in Development Sector

Peer mentoring is a proven mechanism for leaders and members to share ideas and concerns, develop skills, and create support mechanisms with members of your peer group. It also provides an opportunity to develop networking across the industry.


Our Peer Mentoring Circles allow for safe communication among peers on the areas of most interest and concern to them. Learn from each other and thrive in their careers and navigate your career path better. Keep supporting your journey as a woman leader and help your peers to do the same.