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We work with feminist organisations and women social entrepreneurs solving and addressing a multitude of issues in the development sector with a gender lens in every industry.


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We are all very aware of the unique challenges of the impact sector especially as job seekers and early career professionals. With limited meaningful and purposeful opportunities  - young girls and women like you often might not even be aware of promising career opportunities available. And even then structural problems like pay-disparity, slow career growth, toxic workplace culture, sexism etc exists which leads to young women choosing mainstream careers where atleast the compensations are higher in comparision. 

According to study conducted by Arthan - female representation at social enterprise workforce in India is only 26%. So we still have a long way to go. 26% is a grossly low representation of women in the impact sector workforce, especially when so many impact issues need to be evaluated with a gender lens.


GuideStar’s report of 1,000 organizations showed that the share of women among non-profit CEOs is 43%, with greater inequality in numbers and compensation at larger organizations. Further, only 18% of the largest nonprofits have female CEOs.

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we aim to remove the roadblocks and bottlenecks between you and that incredible opportunity waiting for you

Joining our ecosystem helps you get access various career opportunities with feminist organisations. Our organisation parters share our mission of increasing female representation in their workforce and are willing to recruit through our community recommendations and share their oportunities with us so you become the first ones to get notified.

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Hiring the right people to complement the skill set of founders is an essential part of scaling up for every enterprise. 

The social sector especially in the intersections of gender and social justice issues with limited funding, limited human resources and skilled professionals with the business acumen required to sell, brand, and manage financials lead to monumental time and resource consumption. We know it is particularly difficult for organizations to find the right candidates for the right job in the social impact sector as the market is fragmented, even when people have the skill set they might not have the perspective to understand the mission & the vision of the organization. 

This is a call to all feminist social entrepreneurs and impact organisations to join us in advancing young women’s careers. We all know LinkedIn and social media are scattered and an algorithm determines who sees our opportunities most often our opportunities are missed by the relevant people who resonate with your mission and vision. We are already partnering up with several college cells and business schools to increase our access to young girls who want to make a difference.

So why not you join us too in this vision?

Become a Young Women Career Advancement partner with us and access our community of students and young women professionals and job seekers now!!! 

Let’s transform the ecosystem together.

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