Becoming a member


By becoming a She For Change member, you are becoming part of worldwide feminist organizing, a collective power that is rooted in working across movements and is based on solidarity.

We are a powerful base of young women fighting for a better world, feminist leaders, women’s rights and gender justice defenders, activists and allies, connecting, exchanging, learning and acting together for transformative change.


JOIN AN international FEMINIST community.

 Our members are based in all regions of the world, learning and supporting each other in a global network based on solidarity.

Share your stories and hear from others.

By connecting our experiences, narratives and proposals we help co-create and amplify Feminist Realities.

Engage with the Various  Forums

Co-created by Community members, our various Forum is a unique space for deep discussion and imagination where we challenge and strengthen our leadership, find and co-create various opportunities, engage meaningfully - where we connect our struggles and feminist realities together 

Expand your horizon & TAKE leap FORWARD FOR growth

Our members increasingly represent a diverse and vibrant cross-section of feminists working in various domains such as Technology, Public Policy, Research, Media, Business.  By joining us as a member, you can connect your struggles across movements.

Community Ethos

The co-creation of our Leadership realities starts with ourselves and how we treat each other. We are dedicated to creating and protecting safe and supportive spaces for our communities both online and in person. We also consider that safe and welcoming spaces are co-owned and co-created by YOU - young girls and women.

We expect our members to act in a manner that is ethical, responsible and consistent with the values of She For Change and assume a collective responsibility to ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect and solidarity.

Co-creating welcoming and safe spaces

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Each of our Forums serves as a sub-community of women leaders and ecosystem partners with whom we have joined forces to collaboratively achieve our shared mission and vision of addressing the gender gap and advancing the gender equality movement as well as work together to strengthen the ecosystem. 

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How to join us as a member

We host regular member onboarding meet-ups to initiate new members' journey with us - Register now !!!


Paid Community Engagement Roles

available forum-based and location-based

These Roles are available to members on both Basic & Exclusive membership if eligible for the membership. The compensation varies according to the responsibilities/tasks undertaken, milestones achieved and time commitment. If interested - Register below !!


Community Champions

Positions -30 across all forums



Students leaders/Early career Professionals acting as liaisons between the SFC Team and the SFC community responsible for ensuring cohesion between the community. They are responsible for the effective flow of communications between all members. Ensuring all members are active and engaged and all community engagements and interventions are scheduled in a timely manner for smooth functioning of the organisation.


Community Shapers

Positions -30 across all forums



Community Shapers act as the bridge between the She For Change Community and the world full of opportunities and mobilise resources and create new alliances for the community. Community shapers lead interventions in creating awareness and bridging the opportunity gap for the community and thus address the need-gap of the members.


They are the Forum's ambassadors, engaging with potential members and building relationships with existing ones. They are also focused on gauging sentiment around the forum, and the forum specific audience in order to monitor feedback and engagement. 


Community Catalysts

Positions -30 across all forums

Community Catalysts are leading internal projects in collaboration with other members or independently to drive impact in alignment with Forum Goals.

  • If you’re passionate about empowering the next generation of leaders via our learning and developmental programs- this role is for you.

  • Additionally, you have some bright ideas and want to design and lead any training program/fellowship/advocacy campaign or research project and looking for team members to collaborate with and need resources and finance to make it happen - BECOME A CATALYST and drive it with us.

  • Aspiring to be an entrepreneur -playing with some ideas and wanna experiment through pilot projects that need financing - we are here for you to catalyse your impact venture.