Program of She For Change is a YEAR LONG FELLOWSHIP for students and young professionals selected through a two-step selection process on a rolling basis to help us create a global community of feminist women leaders and young girls & women who wish to engage with multi-disciplinary feminist issues and causes and engage with our ecosystem in various capacities. Our vision to democratize young women's leadership for social impact cannot be achieved in silos or alone. We need community-builders and community mobilisers and we need our COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS to help us achieve our mission.

Community Champion

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Build a community of 1 million young girls and women leaders by 2025 who identifies themselves as feminist leaders and are willing to collborate,co-create and strengthen the ecosystem for young women to thrive in their careers in the impact space and develop new innovative solutions and engage in collective advocacy to advance gender equality. 

The need for

community champions

Building a community to drive our impact has always been important to us. Since 2018 we have worked hard to build our community's strength with women Social Impact Leaders around us. But our reach is only so far and wide - we need to tap into the strength of numbers to drive our larger vision of re-designing the very structures hindering our growth and making gender equality a dream that might take another 100 years. We need you to catalyse this transformative change with us globally to increase female representation in the social impact workforce. In India alone, which is a mere 26%.

But there are a million problems in this world for us to solve with a gender lens to it. We need you to re-shape the future with us.


Applications open

Application Deadline - 12 March 2022
Shortlisted candidates will be informed by 17th March 2022
Induction & Training for Shortlisted Champions- 19th & 20th March 2022

Program Fee  (Only for Shortlisted Champions) - 3500/- INR
(The Program Fee is charged to ensure community champions undergo the entire training program and stay committed for the next 3 months and complete the 1st Milestone to be eligible for the next phase of the Program. Starting Stipend for First 3 months is 15K )

Program Offerings

Learn Digital Community Building and Program Management Skills

A Community Champion's role will revolve around community building by leveraging technology, social media and offline interventions. You will get trained on Community Building and Management aspects to wear the Champion Hat and live up to the role and achieve your objectives.

Get chance to work directly with our National & International Partners

We have national and international organisation partners through several collaborations for our upcoming projects and you can work directly with our projects to expand your skills, knowledge, network and exposure.

Get a chance to earn up to 1 lakh INR in Grant to develop your own project or fund your higher education

You will have certain milestones to achieve during the program and every milestone makes you eligible for the addition of INR 5K- your 1st milestone makes you eligible for INR 15K which you can use to ideate your own project and use all our additional resources that will be at your disposal.

Grow within the program and get a chance to join our team in a part-time or full-time job role

Selected community champions will be offered full-time and part-time positions in our team to work with us and help us realise our audacious vision of a self-sustaining and strong ecosystem made for women by women.

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