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Women in Technology

Accelerating innovation and promoting feminist intervention to advance gender equality in the Technology Industry through collaboration, co-creation and collective action 

Information Technology


Women remain underrepresented in tech in general and tech leadership in particular. There's some good news — more women are earning STEM degrees than ever — but the industry is rife with inequities. 

Women are four times more likely than men to consider gender bias an obstacle to promotion, a recent TrustRadius report found.

Unconscious bias is real. In the tech world, where "bro culture" dominates the landscape, acknowledging gender bias is the first step toward addressing the problem. Businesses must take a hard look at their own preconceptions and craft plans to combat them.

WE EXIST TO ADDRESS THESE SYSTEMIC INEQUITIES IN THE SRHR DOMAIN WITH OUR FORUM MEMBERS & PARTNERS ( Women Technology Entrepreneurs, Female students in Technology, Researchers, Women professionals, Activists, NGOs, COMPANIES ) through Awareness building, Intergenerational Learning & Development, Advocacy, Collaboration and Co-creation of new solutions that can reduce the inequities in the TECHNOLOGY ecosystem at large.

Our Goals

Making Education, Upskilling, and Mentorship in Technology accessible and affordable through various community-led interventions.

Facilitating collaboration and co-creation of innovative solutions amongst ecosystem players in the Technology domain

to strengthen the infrastructure for the future.

Provide rich experiential learning & professional development opportunities

to the future generation of Women in Technology.

Provide community members with several exclusive benefits to strengthen the internal forum infrastructure to be able to sustainably lead and drive our mission and vision forward.