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Each of our Forums serves as a sub-community of women leaders and ecosystem partners with whom we have joined forces to collaboratively achieve our shared mission and vision of addressing the gender gap and advancing the gender equality movement as well as work together to strengthen the ecosystem. 

If you're an organisation that wishes to collaborate with us or a self-identified feminist women leader/professional who wishes to join our community and create meaningful opportunities for yourself, your peers or the next generation of young girls, we are looking for you- 

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Mental Health Forum

Women are nearly twice as likely as men to suffer from mental illness. This gender disparity in depressive disorders may relate to social inequalities and living standards across nations. Currently, these disparities were not reflected at the level of health policies. 

This Forum exists to initiate change within mainstream mental health services to address mental health issues & mental healthcare through gender-lens and collectively find ways to promote feminist interventions and accelerate innovation in the domain. 


Media and Journalism Forum

Gender inequality is clearly visible within the media industry. Even though an increasing number of women are studying and entering the journalism profession, they continue to face significant barriers to safety, support and career progression, and remain underrepresented in the sector. 


A study by IWMF shows that women make up about a third (35%) of the journalism workforce worldwide, and hold just over a quarter (27%) of top management positions. Women’s journalism is often linked to ‘soft topics’, like health and social issues. Meanwhile men are more likely to report on ‘hard topics’ that are deemed more important, such as politics and the economy.

This forum exists to strengthen the ecosystem so we can collaboratively work towards adressing the gender-gap in media.

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Law and Legal PolicyForum

In the past thirty years, there have been significant advances in the fight against gender-based violence. Internationally and regionally we have seen the establishment of legal tools that have yielded fruitful results. Despite that, the legal system is way too often failing to take women’s experiences and accounts seriously.

While India’s justice system has failed on multiple fronts, women’s safety is one area it has perhaps failed most miserably. But can a feminist legal community come together, collaborate to co-design the future where the legal system doesn't fail women? WE HOPE SO and this is the reason we exist.


Policy and PoliticsForum

Around the World, the Greatest Gender Disparities Are in Politics. 

Women's equal representation in government a precondition for truly inclusive and representative democracies,  women's representation in government improves policy-making and increases the public's trust in the institutions where they serve. When women are represented in government, they tend to advocate for policies that benefit women, such as maternity and paternity leave and other types of family-friendly policies.

This forum exists to strengthen the ecosystem so we can collaboratively work towards adressing the gender-gap in Politics.