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Girls action Network

Girls Action Network serves as an amazing opportunity for young girls to exchange skills, experience, and ideas. This exchange is particularly significant because we provide you with the opportunity to connect with various causes, become active participants in both strategy and implementation, and become powerful agents of change

We strongly believe that the only way to know you're a changemaker is to be one. In today's VUCA world we will only be valuable if we know how to envision and enable others to move towards a better future. 


The moment you join GIRLS ACTION NETWORK, we will help you start your change-making journey (in case you haven't started yet)  and enable you to master the most critical skills you will need as a Changemaker - Applied Empathy, Teamwork, Leadership and how to engineer a better future and start your OWN VENTURE.

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Start a project or volunteer with a partner organization

We have collaborated with Organisations that share our vision for a gender-equitable world and they are looking for young girls like you to join their efforts with your bright ideas. 

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Launch your own project/ Venture 

Do you have an idea to help your local community deal with the Covid-19 pandemic? We all know that pandemic has disproportionately affected womxn and we have a long road ahead till recovery. 

So here's your opportunity to validate your idea, find a team and TAKE ACTION.

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Why Join us?

 We are sure you feel overwhelmed by all the problems and conditions in your hometown, region, country, or the world that are unfair and horrible and ought to be changed. With so many competing injustices deserving of support, you might be wondering where to start.


Well, your time is precious. There are mountains to hike, books to read, and cakes to bake. But your time is also POWERFUL.  Whether you are concerned about trash on the beach or you think planting trees is important.  


So let us help you learn how to pick a cause and introduce you to different ways of change-making so that you can set goals, identify people who can help, and TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Are you ready?


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Take action for Causes

you belive in

We are the one-stop platform for young girls willing to take action and contribute to projects that are meaningful to them.

Gain Professional experience

Here is your opportunity to learn with the leaders who are catalyzing positive social change

Understand careers in the Impact sector

Being a changemaker can translate into a career. You can learn how-to be a full time changemaker.

Share your impact with the world

Now is your time to tell the world about the incredible potential that lies within you to bring a difference 


We are so proud to be able to create a community of some incredible leaders to join our mission in nurturing, fostering and propelling young girls towards mindful empathetic Leadership as they start their journey towards Changemaking.

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