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Accelerating innovation and promoting feminist intervention in the media and journalism industry through collaboration, co-creation and collective action. 



Why is it necessary for women and girls to exist in the media space? Why is it important for them to be able to contribute to the process of reportage or the content we consume? Why is it important to understand the agency and representation of the section that formulates on behalf of our population? 


Here's a why not? 

The content/news piece or current affairs we consume involves a perspective, how can one ignore the whole part of the population to have the chance to give theirs? Within the media industry, gender disparity is evident. Despite the fact that a growing number of women are getting the degree and considering this sector, they constantly face major challenges to privacy, support, and advancement opportunities, and are undervalued in the field. Women journalists are typically forbidden from researching and publishing "hardcore" news such as criminal trials, opting instead for "conservative" and are considered "ladylike" such as lifestyle, health, and social issues. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to report on 'difficult subjects.'According to the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF), women make up only around 35%  of global journalism employment and only over a fraction of  27% of top management roles.

According to the 6th edition of the Global Media Monitoring Project's survey, which had been conducted in India in collaboration with the Network of Women in Media in India (NWMI), the prominence of female personnel in journalism has "dropped considerably." 


OUR FORUM MEMBERS & PARTNERS ASSOCIATED (MEDIA STUDENTS, JOURNALISTS, MEDIA PROFESSIONALS through advocacy, collaborating on creating gender-sensitive and transformative content and medium of reportage. While also co-creating new solutions in the form of regulations, policies and a mechanism that makes it necessary for the media industry to self regulate itself. These efforts can reduce the inequities in the media and journalism arena at large. 

Our Objectives

Voices of Change

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Cultural stereotypes and prejudices have long dominated the discussions regarding women and other minorities in the media, perpetuating a cycle of violence against them. While attempts by feminist organizations have addressed these challenges through alternative narratives, there is a need for a systematic intervention to address different facets of the media sector for effective redressal of women's needs, concerns, and a gradual overhaul of the image portrayed in the media. Women engaged in this sector in different capacities can collaborate and design interventions to address lack of awareness, research, skills and build capacities of young feminist trailblazers to decrease the gender gap through quantitive representation and qualitative advocacy.

Hameeda Syed

Kashmir | New Delhi

Community Catalyst, She For Change

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