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About Us

By becoming a She For Change member, you are becoming part of worldwide feminist organizing, a collective power that is rooted in working across movements and is based on solidarity.

We are a powerful base of young girls fighting for a better world, feminist leaders, women’s rights and gender justice defenders, activists and allies, connecting, exchanging, learning and acting together for transformative change.


Be part of an international girl-centric organization and community.

 Our members are based in all regions of the world, learning and supporting each other in a global network based on solidarity.

Share your stories and hear from others.

 By connecting our experiences, narratives and proposals we help co-create and amplify Feminist Realities.

Engage with the Various  Forums

 Co-created by Community members, our various Forum is a unique space for deep discussion and imagination where we challenge and strengthen our leadership, find various opportunities, engage meaningfully - where we connect our struggles and feminist realities together.