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Accelerating innovation and promoting feminist intervention in the mental healthcare industry through collaboration, co-creation and collective action 



Why counsel women and girls? Why not just counsel people? Why the need for a specific focus on this half of the population? There are many answers to these questions, beginning with the reality that, although males and females inhabit the same world, they have markedly different experiences in it. As a global society, we are invested in gender equity and equality.


In modern-day society, there are questions as to whether females are a group that continue to experience oppression. Although there have been positive changes, there is still vast inequality for women and the LGBTQI+ population around the world. Violence against women and girls, inequity in pay, unequal access to education, and overrepresentation of men in positions of power are just some examples of the disparities that exist to explain that the “oppression of women/girls transcends culture”. Even today, large numbers of women and girls experiencing sexual assault and harassment; lower wages in predominantly female fields, disproportionally fewer females in positions of political and business leadership; more responsibility in the home even if both partners work; and bias in education and mental health toward women. Despite some advancements, sexism is still evident in almost every aspect of society today (Bruns, 2011). In fact, just being female makes one more vulnerable to violence, poverty, and violations of one’s human rights.

Systemic inequities are pervasive and impact all people and societal structures, including the mental health field. 


WE EXIST TO ADDRESS THESE SYSTEMIC INEQUITIES IN THE MENTAL HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY OUR FORUM MEMBERS & PARTNERS ( PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS, MENTAL HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, MENTAL HEALTHCARE ACTIVISTS, NGOs, COMPANIES ) through Awareness building, Intergenerational Learning & Development, Advocacy, Collaboration and Co-creation of new solutions that can reduce the inequities in the mental healthcare field at large.

Our Goals

Making mental healthcare accessible and affordable through various community-led interventions.

Facilitating collaboration and co-creation of innovative solutions amongst ecosystem players in the mental healthcare industry

to strengthen the infrastructure for the future.

Provide rich experiential learning & professional development opportunities

to the future generation of mental healthcare professionals to lead with a gender lens.

Provide community members with several exclusive benefits to strengthen the internal forum infrastructure to be able to sustainably lead and drive our mission and vision forward.

The Voices of Change

A sneak peek at what our members are talking about


To be able to bridge the inequities and address the gaps in the mental healthcare field which are so wide that it boggles the mind when it comes to finding solutions. It requires systematic state effort and policy and massive collaboration within the ecosystem.

Payal Tandan Shrivastava (she/her)



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