A Gender-Equality movement for Collective Action to reshape the ecosystem

We facilitate ecosystem partnership to make collaboration count and to enable organisations to leverage our community and ecosystem for collective growth. Early stage Social impact organisations/ non-profits  are often bound by a financial, talent or time crunch, preventing programme and organisation growth. If you are looking for localised expertise, placing partnerships at the centre of your growth strategy, we are here for you.

The Challenge

Globally gender equality funding to women-led non profits are at 1%. In 2019, 2.8% of funding went to women-led startups; in 2020, that fell to 2.3%. Social Impact Staartups focused on solving community issues often struggle more than most in terms of funding and financing and thus business growth.

If you're a women-led social impact organisation struggling to optimise your strengths, individual organisational capacities, systems and ways of working leading to fragmentation and duplication of effort. Or all the above poses a challenge for your non-profit and other stakeholders to create long term sustainable impact. We are here for you.

We are the Partnership Builder for Feminist Organisations

We believe that collaborative work is central to achieving goals and enhancing organisational and business outcomes.


We take the role of a partner to organisations by investing our community expertise as they navigate through their growth journey.

We help feminist non-profits and Women Founders build on their strengths by facilitating productive partnerships.


why partner with us


A platform to make new meaningful connections and find synergies in the ecosystem.

Build Social Equity

Co-host/Host a community of yours with us to create a "multiplier effect" and keeping them meaningfully engaged.

Customised Solutions

Our solutions and partnership with you to work with us will be customised on the basis of your organisation goals

Cost Effectiveness

Easily replicate, grow and expand your organisation operations through various revenue sharing models and by cutting down resource consumption.  

Interested in Partnering up with us??