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Accelerating innovation and promoting feminist intervention to advance women's decision making roles in public sector.



Personal is political. As women, our bodies, our thoughts, our rights and our voices in how politics determines our personal lives are inescapable. Women contribute to half the population of the world but how often have you seen a woman head of state of a government?  Even though the number has increased from 13% t0 24.4 % in the last two decades but still doesn't meet the bare minimum need for representation. 


As of 2021, there are 26 women serving as head of state in 24 different countries, but the questions to ask are: Is this enough? Do we not want equal representation in decision making? Especially when the decisions are subject to our lives? As Esther Duflo points out: Men and women invest differently in public goods: given their policy perspectives are different. 

The issues around women's empowerment have been the regular topics of discussion in the global political discourse and the subject is put on a sacred pedestal. This marginalised representation of women in the legislature raises several important questions and plays a crucial role in world democracy as a whole.

The  CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) determines women’s power index across 193 countries to understand where women wield power and why it matters. The report suggests women’s representation matters as women leaders when involved tend to demonstrate unique and different qualities which are essential to creating an effective mix for governance.

WE EXIST TO ADDRESS THESE SYSTEMIC INEQUITIES IN PUBLIC LEADERSHIP AND POLICY MAKING WITH OUR FORUM MEMBERS & PARTNERS (Policy researchers, Public policy enthusiasts, Policy incubators, aspiring politicians, students studying public policy & governance and Political incubators. ) through Awareness building, Intergenerational Learning & Development, Advocacy, Collaboration and Co-creation of new solutions that can reduce the inequities in the Policy and politics industry and encourage more leadership and involvement. ​


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