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I joined the She For Change's Leadership lab as a tech-literacy mentor because we live in a digital world and understanding technology is a must for young girls. I am glad to share my experience within this Leadership development and mentorship program for teenage girls.

Advocating for technology within the first cohort for She For Change's Leadership Lab, empowered me to finally be able to share the wisdom that I would write in my "Letter to my 15 year old self". While we ventured on a journey to define technology, its fundamentals and the existing trends, here's what five things I learnt from my interaction with the young minds:

1. Technology not just gives us a platform to share our skills but also a voice to share our thoughts with the world.

2. Along with the technical skills that help you build, observation skills are important to identify what to build.

3. Artificial Intelligence is like a leader who would tell you what it expects you to do, might as well give you resources to learn from but will leave that space for you to make your own decisions.

4. Even though 80% of this world thinks alike, there's always a part of our solutions which has our reflection, tells our story and that's what makes them stand out.

5. Your simple can enable someone else to create wonders.

Lastly, could we always change the font type in Google Forms from Ariel. Why did I never try this before?

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