Fostering Teenage Girls' Leadership

The Leadership Lab of She For Change aims to empower teenage girls with Future-focused Leadership and Life Skills. The Leadership Lab provides female students from schools (ages 10-16) social-emotional support in a safe, inclusive space. Girls participate in weekly 60-120 minute interactive workshops that focus on skills such as effective communication, networking skills, self-esteem, financial literacy, problem-solving and decision-making, conflict resolution, relationship building and networking, media literacy in social media and the internet,  goal-setting for teens and time management, stress and emotions management.



Entrepreneurial Learning is one-way we aim to enable adolescent girls to thrive and also help them gain confidence by giving them space where their voices matter, their ideas are heard and they learn for the 21st-century leadership skills



A three-month program that empowers young girls with leadership, activism and advocacy skills to effect social change. This program is designed for every girl who have something to say, who want to live boldly, who are smart enough to be mad and bold enough to demand change. This is for girls who want to fight inequity, who care deeply about their own rights and rights of others.


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