Our Mental Health Forum

Women in SRHR

Accelerating innovation and promoting feminist intervention in the Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights domain through collaboration, co-creation and collective action 



Young people (10-24 years of age), around the world, face tremendous challenges in meeting their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs. Inadequate access to health information and services, as well as inequitable gender norms, contributes to a lack of knowledge and awareness about puberty, sexuality, and basic human rights. This can have serious implications on young people's health and welfare as well economic development and poverty reduction. Given the importance of access to SRHR within the context of development as well as the paucity of data on the issue, we have established our SRHR Forum with young leaders, women in SRHR, industry experts, organisations and companies to bridge the systemic gap in addressing the issues.

WE EXIST TO ADDRESS THESE SYSTEMIC INEQUITIES IN THE SRHR DOMAIN WITH OUR FORUM MEMBERS & PARTNERS ( Gyneocologists, SRHR Professionals, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Activists, NGOs, COMPANIES ) through Awareness building, Intergenerational Learning & Development, Advocacy, Collaboration and Co-creation of new solutions that can reduce the inequities in the SRHR ecocystem at large.

Our Goals

Creating SRHR interventions to make Sexual and Reproductive healthcare accessible and affordable through various community-led interventions.

Facilitating collaboration and co-creation of innovative solutions amongst ecosystem players in the SRHR domain

to strengthen the infrastructure for the future.

Provide rich experiential learning & professional development opportunities

to the future generation of SRHR professionals.

Provide community members with several exclusive benefits to strengthen the internal forum infrastructure to be able to sustainably lead and drive our mission and vision forward.

Now Selecting City Team(s) of 50 Community Leaders


Joining our community is invitation-based, please join the WAITLIST and if selected to join our City Team your local Community Shaper from your city will inform you about the next member-initiation event.

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