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WE EXIST to democratize women's leadership to CHANGE THE WORLD

She For Change is a community-led and community-powered intersectional feminist organization working on democratising growth opportunities for women in the social impact sector to demand and build a gender-equitable world and thus advance the gender equality movement through radical collaboration and co-creation.

We also work on building and nurturing an intersectional feminist ecosystem that can bridge the gender gap for women with a vast network of individuals and organizations who share our vision and thus catalyze a more significant positive social change and tackle global developmental issues.

HOME: Welcome

TO WOMEN WHO are TO join This  REVOLUTION with us



For every woman who has something to say, something to change - for women who have been using their voices to fight against injustice. For girls who have decided to speak loudly, who are passionate, who are smart enough to be mad and bold enough to demand change. Young women and women leaders who have been saying "enough of inequities", and who believe in the wellbeing of people and the planet, who care deeply about their own rights and the rights of others. SHE FOR CHANGE belong to every young woman and woman leader - we are loud, quiet, shy, outgoing, book-smart, street-smart, funny, serious, and we are a little bit of all of the above.

Our Vision

Closing the Gender Gap in Social Impact Leadership 

Globally only 1% of Gender Equality funding goes to women-led non-profits. 


Women are more inclined to choose socially impactful careers and thus the female workforce representation globally in this sector is higher than in any other.


Yet the Gender-gap in Social Impact organisations' leadership is significant globally. We strongly believe that women must be represented fairly in the leadership of impact organizations, paid equally for their work and have a fair voice in the important work that nonprofits do. 

This Gender-gap in leadership and the workforce also hinders us from tackling the issues that need to be evaluated with a gender lens.

Not just that but more women in decision-making enables more collaborations and co-creation to tackle the multitudes of feminist issues to drive us towards a sustainable future where the journey towards achieving gender equity might accelerate from its current pace. 

HOME: What We Do

Partner with us

To drive the gender equality movement with us, we wish to engage with ecosystem builders who can help us achieve our  mission and vision

If you're an educational Institute, Non-profit, or Women-Founded Social Impact Start-Up and want to collaborate, Write to us at 


Join The City Chapters

To work with us or with our  partner organisations in the impact sector

Your job is not what you do, it's who you are.

Join our community and co-lead our interventions in your city. And yes we will pay you for your time commitment and depending on your level of engagement in our Community. 



The Decade of Action calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges — ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap.


Join Our Community and stay notified about everything we are doing while getting amazing membership benefits to become a 


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